Construction company paid 55 Norwegian kroner per hour

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The Labor Inspection Authority believes that a building firm in Trondheim is behind several offenses. Among other things, employees have received a salary of down to 55 kroner per hour. The company denies the allegations.

The company has been asked three times by the Labor Inspection Authority, to stop all activity these last three years because of the alleged offenses, according to newspaper Adresseavisen.

– We have uncovered serious and repetitive violations of the working environment and general law. This is about wages far below the minimum wage. Therefore, we have invested substantial resources in this matter, said senior engineer Ingar Haarstad from the Labor Inspection Authority.

The agency believes to have documented that employees received an hourly wage down to 55 kroner per hours. The company’s owner and general manager claims the numbers are wrong and that workers earned over 200 kroner per hour.

– Some have 200 kroner per hour; others have 230 and more than that. I have submitted all documentation to the Labor Inspection Authority, he said. The company has over the past year had between 13 and 21 employees, according to the Brønnøysund Register Center. The owner says it currently has nine employees.
Police are investigating the case after the Labor Inspection Authority reported it.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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