Consumer supervision believes that dentists abroad are misleading with their prices

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The marketing of dental treatment abroad is imprecise and unclear, according to the Consumer Authority, which now requires the industry to sharpen in several areas.

Among other things, the audit has recorded that several of the players in the industry operate with a price list where their own prices are compared with similar treatments in Norway, which they believe is an inaccurate basis for comparison.

– “Since the market for dental services in Norway is large and there will be a lot of variation in prices, it will also be challenging for clinics abroad to have to document that the treatments they offer at any given time are lower in price,” says department director for health Tonje Hovde Skjelbostad.

They are now asking the players to take action.

– We want the players to be clearer at what price it is compared to.

The Consumer Surveillance Authority also responds that the health risk associated with dental treatments abroad is under-communicated. Especially considering the increased risk of being infected by MRSA, the so called multi-resistant bacteria, in dental treatment abroad.

If you become infected, the treatment site’s rules of compensation apply, and the patient must, among other things, promote claims for compensation themselves.-

“If the players in the industry only show the price differences without actually communicating the negative aspects of conducting dental treatment abroad, it is misleading,” says Skjelbostad.

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