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Coop wants to sell more bibles



The Bible Society was in connection with their 200th anniversary granted to sell Bibles in COOP stores. The business was good and now the grocery giant wants to sell more bibles.

– We think it’s funny that people can act Bible as well as the Friday taco, Publisher in Verbum Forlag, Petter Kjus Skippervold, told Dagen.

Overall, they were sold 800 bibles in various COOP stores within two months last year. It is regarded as a high figure. Now that 2,000 new Bibles are being dispersed to the stores, Skippervold hopes sales figures will be equally pleasant.

Communications Manager at COOP Norway, Harald Kristiansen, writes in an email to Dagen that it is good business to provide books that customer’s request.

– Around Easter there are many copies of the Bible sold, and that is why we stock this product just now, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today