More crooked vegetables on store shelves


Standard Norway invites Norwegian traders to create new standards for vegetables.

It could mean curved carrots on store shelves and that less food will be thrown away.

– The Norwegian people want more sustainable food production and to reduce food waste.

Therefore we want to take a closer look at today’s standards, says CEO of Standard Norway, Jacob Mehus to news agency NTB.

On Friday, various traders involved in the production, distribution and sale of vegetables will gather for an information meeting in Oslo to look at a new Norwegian standard for vegetables.

– For example, the standard for carrots is from 1999. We want to look into the matter when we receive feedback that people think it’s a pity that crooked carrots are used for animal feed or disposed of rather than sold in stores, said Mehus.


– We are concerned that the standards contribute to a sustainable society and will gladly help reduce food waste, he adds.

He stressed that a standard is there to be used with intelligence.

– It’s possible that certain parts of the current regulations can be reviewed and changed, so we can have a bit more flexible standards, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today