Cruise ships to return to Flåm

FlåmFlåm.The cruise ship Seven Seas Voyager.Photo: Per Erik Knive / SCANPIX (FRB)

On August 9, Flåm is expecting the first cruise ship since the Corona crisis began. Passengers, however, won’t be allowed to disembark.

According to Norwegian infection guidelines, the passengers will be allowed to disembark, but first, the company has to ensure the quality of their routines for avoiding infection, writes Sogn Avis.

-” both we and the shipping companies hope to allow the passengers to disembark to increase the local value creation. It is especially important now when the Norwegian holidays are coming to an end. At the same time, we have to be sure that there won’t be big risks for us as a destination or the shipping companies.” said, Operations Manager, Jon Olav Stedje, of Flåm Harbor to the newspaper. 

Initially, the two German cruise ships Mein Schiff1 and 2 will enter the fjord. In total, 26 cruise ships are expected at Flåm during the late summer and autumn. The ships must sail at half capacity and return to the point of origin if a case of corona is registered onboard. Not to mention, the passengers should come from a country that the Norwegian authorities have registered as green.

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