Customs agents can equip themselves with pepper spray

Pepper Spray Left-wing extremistsPepper Spray. Illustration photo:

Legislation has now been introduced in the Weapons Regulations which allows customs service personnel to be equipped with pepper spray for use in emergency situations.

– “I am pleased that this referendum is in place so that customs agents can now carry pepper spray, as they have wished,” says Finance Minister Siv Jensen (Frp) in a press release.

The trial project conducted in 2016 and 2017 showed that the customs officers felt that it was a great safety measure to carry pepper spray, even though they never got into situations where they needed to use it. The Customs Administration wanted the scheme to become permanent, and a proposal for this was sent to a hearing in June this year.

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  1. Good. It’s about time saftey was looked at. Especially up in the North cape region.

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