Danes will hire out electric cars in Norway

GreenMobilityPhoto: GreenMobility

Oslo is high on the list of new potential markets for a Danish company that operates short-term rentals of electric cars.

GreenMobility aims to establish itself in 20 cities by 2021. One of the cities on the list is Oslo. The Danes are therefore looking for a partner who would participate in the initiative in the Norwegian capital, writes Dagsavisen.

“Based on our initial survey of Oslo, where we look at population, population density and area, we estimate that 400 cars will initially be appropriate,” says Michelle Barosin in GreenMobility. That is as many cars as the company currently has on the roads in Copenhagen.

A couple of months ago, Oslo Frp warmly talked about this type of short-term rentals, and transport spokesman Tommy Skjervold compared this to the popular city bicycle scheme.

” Rental cars can help reduce the citizens’ need for their own car,” said Morten Stordalen, political spokesperson at  national level.

Environment and Transport councillor Lan Marie Berg from The Greens wishes GreenMobility and other similar initiatives welcome to Oslo.

“For the city council, car sharing and zero-emission vehicles are the future, and this sounds exciting.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today