Danger of train conductor strike from Tuesday

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix


On Tuesday, train traffic in Eastern Norway could be hit by strikes if the parties to the wage settlement in Vy do not agree.

“If there is a strike, it will primarily affect traffic on regional trains in Eastern Norway,” Vy says.

Some local trains will also be affected, and there may be strikes on other train routes as well.

Among the 63 conductors selected in the first strike, 26 work in Oslo, 26 in Lillehammer, 6 in Gjøvikbanen, 2 in Lillestrøm, and one in each Moss, Hamar and in Gjøvik.

LO Stat and Spekter will meet with the National Mediator on Monday to mediate on behalf of the Norwegian Railway Association and Vy. The mediation deadline is set for midnight on Tuesday.

The Norwegian Railway Federation believes the dispute is about employee participation. They require, among other things, negotiating rights when changes in training and staffing are the theme. In addition, they will contract training and staffing.

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