Danske Bank, mortgage rate

Danske BankOSLO.Danske Bank.Photo : Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Danske Bank, mortgage rate increased by 0.15 percentage points. Sparebanken Sør also follows the same.


Most of the Banks are following the DNB and Nordea who have already raised their key rates.

In a press release, Danske Bank’s explains that the interest rate changes with changes in the market situation.

– After Norges Bank lowered its key rate, the market rose while it was expected to fall.

This means that the price of money has increased and developments in this market are among the factors that control our prices, said Danske Bank chief in Norway, Trond Mellingsæter.

The increase means that the new list price for the Young People Mortgage program in Danske Bank is 2.25 per cent and for mortgages of 80 percent over 2,000,000 it will be 2.60 percent.

The amendment applies from November 23rd for new customers and from January 23rd for existing customers.

Also, Sparebanken Sør justifies the increase in mortgage interest rates of 0.15 percentage points because of positive market rates during last six months and the general market situation, wrote the newspaper Agderposten.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today