Decline in unemployment

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According to Labour force survey (LFS) figures, the seasonally adjusted number of unemployed persons decreased by 2,000 people between March and June. This figure is clearly within the margin of error margin, said Statistics Norway.


Adjusted for seasonal variation, there were 118,000 unemployed in Norway in June. This figure amounts to 4.3% of the labour force, down 0.2% on the March figure from Statistics Norway (SSB).
The figures for March are an average for the period between February and April, while the June figures are for the period between May and July. The seasonally adjusted decline in unemployment is 5,000.
Unemployment reached a peak in July 2016, when the seasonally adjusted figure reached 5%. Since then, the main trend has been downward.
SSB calculates the figures by including people without income-creating work who have attempted to obtain paid employment during the past four weeks.


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