Decrease in the number of sheep farmers

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So far this year, 853 per cent fewer farmers have delivered sheep for slaughter than at the same time last year. The fall in sheep meat prices is one of the main reasons.

13,472 producers have delivered in sheep for slaughter while 14,325 farmers have delivered at the same time last year, reports the Nation.

This is a decline of 853 producers, the highest since 2006. There was a 5.9 per cent decrease last year.

The figures come from Animalia’s classification statistics.

Nortura’s head of livestock, Finn Avdem, emphasized that the season is still not over and that some farmers still have not delivered sheep for slaughter.

“Decrease in prices that have led to the farmers’ poor economic situation is probably the single most important reason for fewer producers. In addition, low unemployment and better job opportunities in several counties may be another cause. This is especially important when linked to the generational change,” says Avdem.

He pointed out that the feed crisis last year may also have prompted some producers quit sheep farming.

Animalia’s statistics show that the number of sheep farmers has fallen by 42 percent over the last 20 years.

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