Desires to tighten NAV requirements for social assistance

NAV office, where unemployed and job seekers goes for support.NAV. Photo: Norway Today Media

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie,wishes to expand the requirements made of social assistance recipients according to Dagbladet newspaper.


In 2017, an activity obligation for social assistance recipients was introduced for those under the age of 30 years old. Hauglie believes the introduction of that requirement has yielded such great success that she now wishes to expand the scheme in the mythical old idea that more equals better.

“I urge the municipalities to introduce a duty of employment also for adult social assistance recipients. When the municipalities introduced a duty-for-activity system that works for young people under 30, they will easily be able to apply it to other age groups,”said Hauglie to Dagbladet.

During the year the requirement came into force, 1,026 fewer young people under 30 years old received social assistance than in 2016. In the years before, the number had increased regularly.

The Minister of Labour believes that it benefits both young social assistance recipients who are no longer passive, and the municipalities who save money on social assistance payments.

“Drammen municipality, for example, saved 30 million kroner after introducing activity requirements for young people,” she said.


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