Disagreement on increased cash deposit on bottles

BottlesBottles.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Progressive Party (FrP) in Oslo wants to increase the cash deposit on bottles (‘pant’) to improve the environment. The breweries believe that it will lead to increased border traffic and smuggling.

Every year bottles and cans worth around NOK 40 million disappear which could have been reclaimed, according to Dagsavisen.

A minority in the National Board of FRP will remedy the situation by increasing the cash deposit. This will make it more attractive to return the empty goods for recycling or reuse they argue.

– It is important for FRP to show that we are a modern and environmentally friendly party. We want to provide the industry and consumers with the best possible framework conditions for facilitate work on sorting of waste and recyclables, says Aina Stenersen in Oslo FRP.

She thinks increased deposit will be good both for economy and environment.

The brewer’s association says a small adjustment may be desirable, but are vehemently opposed to a sharp price hike.

– I have heard that some environmental organizations want to have NOK five for small- and NOK 10 for big bottles.

– In which case it would have been the wage hike of all time for gypsies and children, says Chief Executive Officer of the Brewery and Beverage Association, Petter Nome.

He fears that the result will result in negative results for the breweries.

– In recent years there has been an explosive increase in border traffic and smuggling. This traffic is driven by the price gap, and our fear is that increased deposit will be viewed as an increased price by the consumers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today