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We drew our bank cards 1.78 billion times last year

credit card Strip Club Payment card dnbPayment cards. Photo:


Did you pay by bank-card on the 22nd of December? You were not alone. That day, a new Norwegian record was set.

Norwegians drew their debit cards a sum total of 1.78 billion times last year, paying goods to the value of 610.9 billion kroner by card.

There has been an increase of 6.8% in the number of card transactions since 2015, according to figures from Bank Axept and Nets.

One date stood out in particular. Two days prior to Christmas Eve was the championship-winning trading day. Thursday, 22nd December set a new record in card use.

Never before had cards been used so frequently in Norway; on this single day, more than 8.1 million card purchases were made, creating a healthy turnover of nearly 3.6 billion, said Stein-Arne Tjore, press officer for the Nets in Norway.

Throughout December, debit cards were used 167.7 million times, 5.8% more often than during December 2015.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today