More drop car and choose electric bicycle

Electric bicycleElectric bicycle.Photo:

Electric bike sales are increasing rapidly and in some places moving towards doubling this year. The sales are for recreational use, everyday transport, seasonally and year-round use.

The sales at stores show the user group has become broader and more are now getting rid of second car’s and buying electric bicycle’s instead.

– Electric bicycles will contribute greatly to meet the target in the National Transport Plan that cycling should represent 8 percent of the daily transport in the country by 2023. The main point is to turn people from cars to electric bicycles, says senior adviser for electric mobility, Hulda Tronstad, of Norwegian electric vehicle association.

She believes the sport industry has overlooked the possibilities by not anticipating developments:

– When electric bicycles came, there was much talk that this is cheating cycling. But the point is not to get people who cycle to switch. They can continue this. This is about transportation, not sports, says Tronstad.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today