Dual citizenship approved

dual citizenshipDual citizenship Photo: Norway Today Media

From 1 January 2020, Norwegians can become nationals of another country without losing their Norwegian citizenship, and foreign nationals no longer have to give up their original citizenship to become Norwegian.

“When we allow for dual citizenship, we ensure that Norwegian law follows developments in a more globalized world, where more and more people are connected to more than one country,” Minister of Knowledge and Integration Jan Tore Sanner said in a press release.

Last year, Parliament approved the government’s proposal to open for dual citizenship. In the Cabinet of Ministers on November 1, it was decided that the amendments to the Citizenship Act will come into effect from the first of January 2020.

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25 Comments on "Dual citizenship approved"

  1. It’s important to still keep in mind Norwegian culture and that this land is Norway. However duel citizenships are a very good way to let people know we Norwegians are open minded, accepting people. I say this because culture is important, the land itself is important but also we must all remember the word citizenship is not the same as culture or how Norwegian we are. Citizenships are important throughout all lands, travelling between lands and having other people from other lands, particularly Sami people who have personal connections with Siberian people, whom both have different citizasnships but also their countries require their citizenships. That’s the biggest point here why I myself hope this does actually happen. We’re welcoming people but Norway is Norway to be understood as well. This is not Norwegians giving into forin ways, instead it’s the welcoming security of eachother, especially the two who I mentioned because they have been together for thousands of years and this ‘one’ citizenship only is really making life difficult up in these regions.

    • Josephine C. Garcia | 1. November 2019 at 15:07 | Reply

      I’m Filipina I was there in kristhiansand many years ago and Norway is best country in whole word, how to apply a citizenship in Norway, pls give me the procedure for that. I want to be a Norway Gian.

  2. My children lives in UK and have Norwegian passport are they going to have dual citizenship passport ?

    • Jan Robert Holen | 1. November 2019 at 21:46 | Reply

      Hi Merete, they can get an British pasport as well. If they want too.
      Br, your cousin Jan Robert 😉

      • For every non-Norwegian: this new policy makes it not easier to get Norwegian citizenship. It’s just still as hard as it was before, same rules. It just means that if you manage to get Norwegian citizenship, that you can keep your current citizenship instead of having to denounce of it. Also this means in reverse that Norwegian citizens can now get another citizenship (become American, Dutch, Thai, etc etcw) without automatically losing their Norwegian citizenship.

  3. mahmood sheikh | 1. November 2019 at 14:43 | Reply

    this is really good initiative by the government and definitely will add value

  4. Josephine C. Garcia | 1. November 2019 at 15:09 | Reply

    I want to apply for the citizenship in Norway.

  5. if im married to norwegian and have kids with norwegian man but stay in my own country ,can i and my kids apply for norwegian citizenship or passport from my country?

  6. Manvinder Singh | 1. November 2019 at 16:16 | Reply

    How to go ahead Need more detail

  7. Well, it’s not that easy to become a Norwegian citizen in Norway. You have to come along by step by step before you can apply. There’s no easy way but you have to live in Norway for 3 to 7 years.

  8. Interesting choice of a Malaysian passport in the picture, since Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

  9. I live Norway soon 10 years and I have to kids
    My kids they born in Norway but they don’t have citizenship and I don’t have what we can do?

  10. Am a Kenyans married to a Norwegian wife but due to our work am working in Kenya while she is working in Norway can we both apply for dual citizenship?

    • I am from Thailand married with Norwegian man living here in 6 year and have one children he’s 5 year , how can i do to apply both citizenship.

  11. Hi 😊
    I already have double citizenship.
    Is that possible to take the Norwegian citizenship as well?

  12. My parenyts were born in Norway and usa and became canadian citizens. Am I able to get a Norske passport?

  13. I’m very interesting about how to pay income tax in both countries & which country will resposible for dual citizenship person’s social security benefits. That is more complexation matter.

  14. I’m also interested for dual citizenship, how to apply it, let me know

  15. I am Eritrean asylum in Norway
    How possible Is if I wont apply both passport

  16. Felicia Seton | 6. November 2019 at 12:03 | Reply

    I am a librarian by birth, but also a
    Norwegian citizen since 2012, do I have the right to duel citizenship as well?

  17. Dawn Johnson Pesicka | 7. November 2019 at 01:45 | Reply

    My grandfather was born in Norway on my father’s side. My grandmother was not but her parents were. Is it possible to get dual for me and my husband?

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