E-commerce is growing strongly – mostly used for travel

Online shopOnline shop. Photo:Pixabay

In 2019, Norwegians will have traded for NOK 163 billion online, according to the report Norwegian E-commerce (Norsk E-handel). Over half is spent on travel.

Over the past year, the amount spent by Norwegians on travel has increased by 28 %. Of the total NOK 163 billion, over half is spent on airline tickets, train tickets and hotels.

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Norwegians have always been happy to travel, but choosing to spend so much more money on our travels now is interesting. So far, we do not see any signs of “flight shame” here, says e-commerce analyst Johanna Tell in DIBS.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, the company presents the report Norwegian E-commerce, which shows that total e-commerce has increased by 13 % in one year.

At the same time, it shows that total consumption of goods purchases has decreased by 4.6 %. This could mean that Norwegians have become busier spending money on experiences instead of things, believes the e-commerce analyst in DIBS.

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