eBevis against workplace crime

Archive System eBevisOld Fashioned archiving system. Photo: Pixabay.com

Introduces eBevis against workplace crime in the public sector

The Norwegian Government introduces a register called eBevis (eCert). the register enables public contracting entities to check whether those who sell goods or services are serious actors.


The strategy against working life crime was presented in the contact committee of the Norwegian Government with the parties in the working life. It is under consideration whether consumers and private companies should also be able to use the register.

“Efforts to combat work-related crime require continuous work. The Government, therefore, gives high priority to the fight against criminals in the working life. After the first strategy against working life crime was presented in 2015, many measures have been initiated, and good results have been achieved,” Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) states.

Among the initiatives that are being launched are, among other measures, stronger control and follow-up of NAV measures and better cooperation and information exchange between the various public agencies. The introduction of eBevis is one such measure.

The reason for the measures is that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs receives feedback from the agencies that the criminals are adapting, and that it has become more demanding to uncover working life crimes.

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