Economist: – The unemployed Norwegians look to Sweden

Swedish flagSwedish flag.Photo:Pixabay

Up to 22,000 more Norwegians are out of work this year compared with last year, according to figures from Statistics Norway. – Search in Sweden, advises an economist.

Sweden lacks in several fields including and not limited to structural engineers, nurses, computer engineers, architects, teachers, shop assistants and consultants, NRK news wrote.

While 22,000 more Norwegians between 15 and 24 are out of work this year, compared with last year, the Swedish economy is growing

– Getting a couple of years with a job in Swedish industry, can be awesome and useful to return to work when the labor market is better in Norway, says Terje Strøm an analyst for NRK.

He also recommends unemployed in the oil industry to look to Sweden. Due to the boom times in Sweden a combination of political luck, and the impact of refugee immigration.

– The severe refugee immigration triggered growth in the government budget, which has increased employment growth in Sweden by two percent. There are 160,000 to 189,000 more jobs. In Norway we have by comparison stagnation and even decline, he said to the channel.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today