EFTA court states that damages to EU citizens must be covered by Norway

collision on E6 Norwegian insurance car crashIllustration. Crashed car, Photo: Pixabay.com

EFTA court states that damages to EU citizens must be covered by Norwegian insurance

Norwegian insurance companies will now have to cover treatment costs in the EU when one of their customers inflicts damage to an EU citizen in this country.


This is the logical consequence of the fresh statement from the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) Court believe lawyers for the German insurance company, Mobil, which has brought an action against Norway Tryg.

One of Mobil’s customers was seriously injured in a car crash in Norway, and received emergency treatment at a Norwegian hospital.

The German was transferred to a German hospital, which continued treatment. Now, Mobil, who covered all treatment costs, are demanding recourse from the injured party’s insurance company.

Tryg partially rejected the claim, with reference to the fact that the German was able to continue treatment in Norway, but chose not to do so, thus releasing them of all treatment costs occuring outside Norway.

The EFTA Court ruled that the EEA rules didn’t prevent Mobil from claiming its costs repaid, even though the German citizen could have continued treatment in Norway. Oslo District Court asked the EFTA Court for an advisory statement during its consideration of the dispute.

In an email to NTB news, Mobil’s attorney, Patrick Lundvall-Unger, wrote, ‘we interpret the EFTA Court’s statement as saying that ultimately, Norway’s insurance company can be held responsible for treatment costs.’


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