Electric car industry will have strong growth in Norway


Number of companies working on electric vehicles and other zero emission transportation in Norway is more than quadrupled (increased by 5 time) in just ten years. Meanwhile, Tesla became the completely dominant player in the market.

Today there are a total of 38 companies in Norway which has electric transport or hybrids as their core business, according to a survey research performed by company Pöyry for Energy Norway.
Among the companies that are active today there were only five that existed ten years ago.

The sector employs more than 600 people in this country which 65 percent of them are employed in Elon Musks electric car company Tesla.

Tesla is also highly ranked on number of sold cars. Tesla stood in 2014 for almost 90 percent of total revenue in the sector of 2.8 billion but sales have also tripled in two years among companies other than Tesla.

Car manufacturers that produce both electric cars and petrol/ diesel cars are excluded from the result.
All in all, there are currently around 70,000 electric cars in Norway.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today