Electric car model most popular in new registrations this June

Electric cars, Charging PointElectric car charging. Photo: pixabay.com

The electric car Nissan Leaf was the best-selling car model in Norway this past June. At the same time, zero-emission cars had a 25 percent share in the market.


According to the trade organization The Road Traffic Advisory Board (OFV), 1,152 LEAF models were registered in June, while the total number of registered zero-emission cars was 3,973.

Hybrid passenger cars also had 36.5 percent share in the auto sales market the past month. 23.8 percent of the new passenger cars registered in June had petrol engines, while diesel cars had 14.6 percent.

This is clearly lower than the 25.1 percent of the electric cars that consisted in the total of 15,845 newly registered cars.

Electric cars also represented a large part of the traffic in the Oslo area in June. There was one every four cars in morning rush hours, which totaled 1.66 million passages at the toll stations.

“We see a long-term trend of increases of the number of electric cars and the decline in the number of diesel cars to continue, and this is even more apparent in the morning rush then at other times of the day,” says Magne Liestøl Larsen Fjellinjen, CFO.


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