Electric Cars win 25% market

Cars in trafficCars in traffic.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

One out of every four passenger cars rolling upon Norway’s roads is an electric vehicle.With overall new passenger car sales seeing an increase of 24% over last year, zero-emission electric cars now command one-fourth of the market.


Norway’s Road Traffic Advisory Board newest statistics reveals that 14,055 new passenger cars were registered within Norway last month, with used car sales & used import sales also seeing impressive increases.

40,210 total vehicles both new & used exchanged ownership last month; a 28.6% increase over April, 2017. Also a total of 1,723 used import cars were registered; an increase of 25.1%.

The ratio of new diesel passenger car sales fell sharply; from 29.5% market share in April, 2017, to a current 19.3% market share.

Petrol cars saw market share fall from last years 28.3% to current ratio of 26.1%.

Sales of new, mixed-hybrid passenger cars are up 32.4%, with 1,000 new hybrid cars sold last month.

Pure electric, zero-emission cars doubled their sales figures for last month; with new registrations increasing 111.3% to 3,566 total units sold.

The Road Traffic Advisory Board statistics divulge that average CO2 emissions for all first-time, registered, new passenger cars during the past year has fallen to 79 grams.

Zero-emission passenger cars now hold a market share of 25.4%.

Norway features bus-lane access for electric vehicles, many electric car recharging
stations, privileged parking & toll exemption for electric vehicles. Norway can boast being the highest per-capita, all-electric car ownership in the world.


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