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Employees in the private sector drink more alcohol at work



Employees in the private sector drink more alcohol at work

If you work in a private company in a large city, you probably drink more alcohol than if you work in a public company in a village according to a report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

NIPH showed that the prevalence of drinking during working hours is twice as high in the private sector compared with the public sector wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

‘’There is also a larger share of employees in the private sector who state that they drink until they are clearly intoxicated in a job context,’’ said senior researcher, Inger Synnøve Moan at the Department of Drugs and Tobacco at FHI to the newspaper.

The researchers behind the study also found that inefficiency at work as a result of alcohol use was more prevalent in the private than in the public sector. According to the study, in the private sector, a larger proportion had a greater acceptance of drinking until clearly intoxicated in a job context.

Job-related drinking and the negative consequences of alcohol use occur most frequently among employees in the research industry, banking/finance and telecommunications/IT, and rarely among employees in the health and care industry the newspaper wrote.

The study is based on data collected annually through a questionnaire given to a wide variety of employees. 4,212 employees participated in the survey.

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