Employers are positive about hiring immigrant women – few seek

immigrantImmigrant women.Photo: Norway Today Media

In a survey by the Equality Ombudsman (Likestillingsombudet), employers say they are positive about hiring immigrant women, but that few are applying for advertised jobs.

In a survey, 200 Norwegian employers in various industries and locations in the country were asked about their views on immigrant women in working life. A large majority of respondents say that immigrant women contribute positively to the working environment. Seven out of ten also respond that they do not regard religious garments as an obstacle as long as the applicant is otherwise qualified for the position, writes Vårt Land.

However, the problem is that immigrant women do not apply for the advertised jobs. The survey was presented at the annual conference of the Equality and Discrimination Ombud (Likestilling- og diskrimineringsombudet – LDO) on Thursday.

Now equality ombudsman Hanne Bjurstrøm says that one must look at the reasons why this group of women do not apply for jobs outside the home. In many contexts, it is the men who stand in the way of women getting out of paid work.

– We must be able to challenge gender roles and traditions, including among immigrant families, says Bjurstrøm.

– Not by marching into the families and telling the individual what to do, but by designing tools that hit and engage in dialogue with the men. Cash support is the first thing that should be removed, she says.

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  1. That is one thing what the employers say and that’s another what they do when they are receiving the application from the applicants without Norwegian background. We are Austrians lived in Norway for eight years and my wife’s case for instance, who has a Bachelor’s degree and speaks four Western European languages fluently( amongst them Norwegian also)started to get responses for applications only after she changed her name to Norwegian. So, employers please, cut the bullsh*t and start to admit and change the discrimination towards the non Norwegian applicants

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