More men than women in Norway


Today there are over 41,000 more men than women in Norway. The explanation for the higher male figures is immigration, and higher life expectancy for men.


The percentage of women in the population Norway has not been as low as this year since Statistics Norway (SSB) began counting the population in 1769.

“Previously, women have always been in the majority, but since 2010, Norway has had a male surplus.

In the population, the surplus could last until 2100; men are still expected to be in the majority for the next 80 years, said Senior Advisor at the Population Statistics Section, Anders Falnes-Dalheim, of SSB.

Male dominance is mainly due to the fact that since 2006, male immigrants have been more populace than women. Over the past twelve years, 42,000 more men have come to Norway than women.

“In addition, more boys are always born than girls. On average, 106 boys per 100 girls are born today’’,said Falnes-Dalheim.

The male surplus is also due to the fact that men’s life expectancy has increased more than women’s.

Thirty years ago, the difference was 6.8 years, while last year it fell to 3.4 years. But women still live longer than men, and from the age of 67 the women are in majority.

Oslo and Vestfold are the only counties in Norway with women in the majority. Finnmark, Sogn and Fjordane, Møre, Romsdal and Troms have the highest relative surplus.

Among the 422 municipalities, there were 368 with a male surplus, and 52 municipalities exceeded women’s surplus. The male surplus increased a little, the more central the municipality is.


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