Employers in favour of hiring more people

NAV,NAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media

For the first time in over two years, employers are having such an optimistic view of the future that they are in favour of increasing their workforce, according to a survey.

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter of 2016, the optimism is greatest in the public sector, but we can also see positive signs in the private sector, NRK news reported.

– Companies with more than 250 employees are the ones who are most optimistic. This is a new development, because they have tended to be the most negative.

When large companies are giving notice that they want to hire more people, this is important for the labor market in general,  CEO of Manpower, Maalfrid Brath, says.

– We have to go back to the beginning of 2014 to find numbers which were as good as this  , she says.

Out of the 751 employers surveyed,  8 percent replied that they expect to increase their workforce, 4 percent that they expect to downsize and 86 percent say they plan to maintain the current staffing level .

In addition to this employers in seven of nine industries and in four out of five regions replied that they will increase staffing in the next quarter.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today