End of record-breaking electricity – now prices are rising


After a summer of record-breaking electricity, prices are now rising, but they are lower than at the same time last year.

Figures from Nord Pool show that electricity prices for August this year were on average between 3 and 7 øre per kWh in various places in the country, reports TV 2.

In comparison, the prices were 35 øre per kWH at the same time last year.

The analysis company Wattsight expects that electricity prices will rise steadily this autumn, and that they will be up to 30 øre per kWh once into the winter.

-“This last week we passed 15 øre per kWh, but it is rising steadily every week now. Therefore, people must expect higher prices in the coming months, but I do not expect higher prices than what we normally see in autumn and winter. It’s just that we come from an unnaturally low level,” says head of analysis Tor Reier Lilleholt in Wattsight to the channel.

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