End of shipyard in Flekkefjord

Skipsverftet Simek ASPhoto:Skipsverftet Simek AS

The shipyard of Simek in Flekkefjord is requesting an ending.


The yard has worn down in recent years, and a large number of employees have already resigned.

“Of course, it is sad to end this way for a company that managed to pass an age of 50 years,” said CEO and owner Øyvind Iversen to the Agder newspaper.

The yard has recently worked on various solutions, but has not come to a suitable one, according to the newspaper.Last September, it became known that the shipyard had to lay off all of its 150 employees because the order book was empty from Easter.

“In recent years, it has been difficult to drive and Simek has suffered huge losses.It started seriously with the delivery of a medium-sized boat in spring 2015, where the shipowners departed from the contract and Simek had to realise a big loss,’’ said Iversen.

He thanked all the employees over the years the company has been operating.

“We also believe that it has been a decent and pleasant workplace,which is well documented with a very faithful and stable workforce.A big thank you to all who have been here all these years,’’ said Iversen.


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  1. really sad to hear your news, you and your staff have built many a fine ship..please be proud of that

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