Equinor needs 10,000 new employees

EquinorFornebu.Equinor.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

During the oil crisis, Equinor had to cut 4,000 positions. Now the Human Resources Director has announced that the company needs 10,000 new employees in ten years.


“What has been shown is that 10,000 employees will retire or leave the company at natural retirement age over the next ten years.For us, to be approximately as many as today, then we will need 10,000,” said Magne Hovden to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

After the cuts during the oil crisis, Equinor now have approximately 21,000 employees.

“Digitization means as many new opportunities as those lost, so I think the size of the workforce will remain relatively stable.The big job we have in front of us is to find out who we are going to hire, how many, and where, in Norway or internationally,’’ added the Human Resources Director of Equinor, formerly named ‘Statoil’.

People down to the age of 58 were able to leave with 70% salary at ordinary retirement age, mainly funded by taxpayers through the petroleum tax system. Avoiding an increasingly aged population being a key point in the downsizing.

Now the age average in the company is 47 years old.According to Hovden,it has gone up a little over the past five years.


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