Ericsson will deliver Telenor’s new 5G network

Ericsson headquarters.Photo:Ericsson

Telenor promises even faster mobile networks after choosing Ericsson as the supplier of the new 5G network. The upgrade should take four to five years.

Since 2018, Telenor has carried out a number of pilot projects with 5G in Norway. Scandinavia’s largest 5G project is in Elverum and is run by Telenor, according to a Telenor press release.

Telenor 5G is currently testing at ten locations in Norway and at selected locations in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Thailand and Malaysia.

“Norway has some of the fastest mobile networks in the world. Now everything is ready for this development to continue. It is a good starting point for the development of smart cities, self-driving cars and health and welfare technology,” writes Digitization Minister Nikolai Astrup in a press release.

Telenor expects the upgrade from today’s 4G network to take four to five years. During this period, they will use parts from today’s supplier, Huawei, to maintain and further develop the 4G network.

“The mobile network of the future will give Norwegians access to brand new products and services. With 5G, we get speed equivalent to fiber available over the mobile network,” writes Telenor’s Senior Vice President Petter-Børre Furberg in a press release.

The other two current suppliers of the new 5G network are Chinese Huwaei and Finnish Nokia. In May, Huawei was blacklisted by US authorities, who believe the Chinese company poses a security risk.

In October, it was announced that Ericsson will build Telia’s 5G network as well.

“Norwegian authorities do not exclude suppliers from the Norwegian market, but have made demands on telecommunications companies that they must choose more than one supplier if they choose 5G suppliers from countries Norway does not have a security agreement with,” the press release from the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development states.


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