Erna Solberg has limited faith in the export of offshore wind

Stord.Hywind.Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) does not believe that energy production from offshore wind can replace the oil and gas industry alone, although it can become an important industry in the West of Norway.

That is what the prime minister said in an interview with Sysla, reproduced in Bergens Tidende on Sunday.

We cannot assume that offshore wind will have the same super profit as the oil and gas industry, says Erna Solberg.

City council leader in Bergen, Roger Valhammer (AP), wants the State to focus on offshore wind. The conservative prime minister believes, on the other hand, that private actors should take their share of the risk involved in developing the technology further in order to reduce costs.There must be more people who believe in it than just the State, she says.

As the offshore wind technology stands today, it is not profitable to operate in Norway, Solberg points out.

She also does not foresee that Norway will be a major exporter of offshore wind power.

Now we must decide on the framework , but it is not as we want to throw money to the wind. If this is not profitable, then it will not be profitable. First and foremost, we must develop technology that works well at sea so that the cost picture comes down.

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