ESA – Norwegian taxi permits contrary to EEA regulations

Taxi Haxi Taxi DriverA Norwegian Taxi. Illustration Photo: Norway Today Media

EEA’s Surveillance Authority (ESA) has issued a statement which concludes that the Norwegian taxi permits are contrary to EEA regulations.

ESA, among other things, believes that an examination and the requirement for a permit holder to be attached to a taxi dispatcher is not in line with the right to freedom of establishment under the EEA Agreement’s Article 31 ESA gives Norway a two-month period to implement the necessary measures to comply with the decision.

– We will take ESA’s under consideration and will now spend time reviewing the premises of the decision and look at what latitude we have, before deciding how to react to the matter.

We will whatever the outcome provide programs to address important needs such as special districts, ambulance services, school transport and the like. If the conclusion is that it’s necessary to amend the rules, we will follow the normal processes for this. It is not realistic to change the regulations in two months, said Secretary of the Ministry, Tom-Christer Nilsen.

The Ministry will invite the relevant parties to discuss the issue shortly.


Source: Ministry of Transport  / Norway Today