EU penalties customs on Boeing aircraft can give Norwegian huge bil

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Norweigan’s new Boeing 737 Max aircraft can get a sizeable extra customs fee on top of the price tag if the EU introduces one before the aircraft is delivered.

US President Donald Trump has recently imposed a penalty on European Airbus flights, could cause the EU to impose a similar tariff on Boeing aircraft imported into Europe from January next year. It can hit Norwegian hard, as the airline is waiting for nearly 20 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The planes are ready for delivery as soon as the MAX aircraft which is on the ground, gets green light to fly again, probably early January.

The newspaper estimates that the new aircraft could cost more than NOK 500 million if penalties are introduced before a delivery can be made.

– Simply explained, the penalty will lead to less competition – and more expensive aircraft, says Professor Frode Steen at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

According to Reuters, the United States has imposed a 10 percent penalty on Airbus aircraft.

“The Boeing aircraft being imported into the EU can also be ten percent more expensive overnight,” says Steen.

Norwegian will not comment on the case.

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