Even more people will lose their jobs in Norske Shell

Norske shellPhoto: shell.com

Norske Shell has come to the conclusion that they did not downsize enough people to reach the goal which they were then aiming for, when it paid a number  of people their severance packages in May, and this means that they will now downsize more people. It has also become clear that 110 contract workers will not get their  contracts renewed.

In May it became clear that Norske Shell would cut 140 positions, and this is now revised upwards to 145 positions, according to the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

–  We are now in the process of telling more people that there will be no place for them  in the new organization. We offer severance packages to all of those which we unfortunately won’t be able to offer a job to here anymore.
This is a very tough situation, because these are bright people,  Jan Soppeland ,communications director  in Norske Shell, says.

The downsizing has to do with Shell’s acquisition of BG Group, which meant that there were many instances where  different persons had the excact same position with too many overlaping tasks.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today