Every fifth taxi driver in Norway lost their job in 2020

TaxisPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

More than 3,000 taxi drivers lost their jobs in 2020. The taxi industry has experienced the most significant unemployment surge, along with clothing stores, hotels, and restaurants.

According to figures obtained by the analysis company Enin, 3,103 taxi drivers lost their jobs in 2020. 

That means that almost every fifth taxi driver left the transport industry, according to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN).

“There are indications that the number of employees is declining in several industries, but I was very surprised that the numbers are so large in such a short time. 

“Even with support schemes and redundancies, several industries are already down by more than 30%,” commercial director Linda Jensen at Enin noted.

Losses in the private sector

Clothing stores have reduced staffing by 12%. In terms of staffing, the hotel and restaurant industry was the hardest hit, with a total reduction of 25,000 employees.

“The mainland industry has lost 80,000 jobs from the third quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2020. All these jobs have been lost in the private sector,” chief economist Øystein Dørum in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon).

However, he believes that 2021 will be far better than 2020 and that the situation will normalize again during the summer, along with the vaccination campaign. 

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