Exciting new selection of shops and restaurants at Avinor Oslo Airport

Oslo AirportToday, Jamie's Italian opened its doors at Avinor Oslo Airport (Photo: Avinor Oslo Airport)

With only one month to go until the official opening of new Oslo Airport, passengers can already enjoy several newly opened shops and restaurants.

On 1 November, Jamie Oliver opened his first ever deli with the introduction of Jamie’s Deli at Norway’s main airport. Today, he is opening a new addition to the far more well-known chain of Jamie’s Italian. This up-and-coming restaurant chain serves traditional as well as modern Italian cuisine. You can find Jamie’s Italian in the international area, up one floor, straight past the duty-free shop.

Bølgen & Moi enters Oslo Airport

After passing through security, before entering the duty-free shop, why not stop by Bølgen & Moi Food Garage or go up the stairs to the newly opened TGI Fridays, both that openes on Wednesday? Bølgen & Moi Food Garage serves up unexpected, delightful food moments. Some of their signature dishes are Mamma Moi’s kompe (swede dumpling) with salted lamb, and Trond Moi’s classic fish soup.

One floor up, you find renowned TGI Fridays. This is the place for authentic American food and drinks, served at more than 900 restaurants worldwide.

Northland have opened their second restaurant at Oslo Airport – located in the old part of the international area. Northland serves white and wholemeal sourdough baguettes with their own special pesto, aioli or spreads. The assortment of flavours is rich and exciting – before opening at Oslo Airport, they tested over 250 different types of bread to ensure they could offer the highest possible quality.

Want to be one of Europe’s best

“We are very excited to finally be able to open all of these great restaurants. We want to be one of the best in Europe when it comes to food and shopping, and these new openings help make sure we get there. I am convinced that Jamie’s Italian, Bølgen & Moi Food Garage, Northland and TGI Fridays all help us one step closer,” says Managing Director of Oslo Airport, Øyvind Hasaas.

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Electronic devices for the journey

Travelling domestically, and forgot something for your mobile phone or other electronics? No need to despair. Elkjøp Travel have just opened their first shop, offering a wide selection of electronics – both renowned brands such as Beats, Bose, Apple, Canon, Fitbit and GoPro, as well as many others.

If you are looking for a good book, stop by and enjoy two new Tanum shops –meaning five branches are now available at Oslo Airport. That should take care of the need for a good read before your flight.

“Next week and towards the official opening, even more shops and restaurants will be opening, to the delight of anyone passing through the airport. A fair amount of construction still remains before everything is open, but we thank all passengers for their patience and promise we will do whatever we can to open as soon as possible,” concludes Hasaas. 


Source: Avinor / Norway Today