Expenses to transport and communication passed NOK 30 billion

Builds new roadIllustration.Builds new road.Photo Norway Today Media

Norwegian counties’ and municipalities’ gross operating expenses in transport and communication increased by NOK 1.3 billion to NOK 30.8 billion in 2015. Expenses for the provincial and local roads constituted NOK 13.5 billion, while NOK 15.2 billion was spent on public transport.

The counties’ gross operating expenses for transport and communication increased by 5 per cent, and totalled just over NOK 23.5 billion in 2015. Of this, NOK 8.3 billion was spent on operations and maintenance of the provincial road network, while NOK 15.2 billion went to public transport. This corresponded to an increase in the counties’ operating expenses by NOK 731 million on roads, and NOK 399 million on public transport, compared to 2014. The stronger growth in expenses on road is not atypical. Since 2010, the proportion of the counties’ expenses for operation and maintenance of provincial roads increased by 5 percentage points to just over 35 per cent in 2015.


Source: SSB / Norway Today