1,000 with extensive employment crimes

CourtCourt.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

1,000 regulars are associated with extensive employment crime

A collaboration between Nav, the Tax Authority, Customs and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has led to 28,000 reviews of employment fraud in the last ten years. Just over 1,000 are regulars who commit gross fraud.

“These persons are linked to a large number of criminal offences, often with leading roles in businesses. They are charged or convicted of profit-motivated employment fraud,” Økokrim writes in a press release.

Another aspect is that the bankruptcy rate is very high in businesses run by the persons with several registered criminal offences on their records. Bankruptcy is often used to avoid personal liability for crimes committed in the name of their business. Bankruptcy can also be a way of trying to evade the collection of values.

A report presented by the collaborating agencies on Thursday also reveals that criminals with bankruptcy history and several crimes behind them, with great probability, continue to operate through others.

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