Facebook hires more to weed out videos depicting murder

Facebook videos depicting murderFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, California April 12, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Facebook to remove videos depicting murder

Facebook will employ 3,000 people who are to be tasked to remove videos depicting murder and suicide.


The 3,000 will be added to the workforce during the year. Already Facebook has 4,500 employee’s making similar kind of controls. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced additional effort on Wednesday.

– We must be able to intervene quickly if we are to build a secure social network, Zuckerberg writes in a post on his Facebook profile.

– We are working to make it easier for users to report such videos, so we can act faster, whether it is to be able to respond quickly if someone needs help or whether it is to remove a post, he writes.

Facebook has been criticized for not having done enough to prevent social network users from posting videos of violent content, suicide and live broadcast from killing action. Two specific examples are a live murder of a 74 year old man in Cleveland and the murder of a baby in Thailand.

Videos and posts that glorifies violence, is in violation of Facebook’s terms of use, which one is obliged to comply with as a member of the community.


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