Facts on leaks from the state budget for 2019

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Facts on leaks from the Norwegian state budget for 2019

The Norwegian Government presents its proposal for the state budget on Monday. This is the things that have already been leaked.

Taxes and fees

  • The Norwegian Government is skipping increases in car charges in next year’s state budget. The reorganisation of the calculation method for determining fees will occur no earlier than 2020, according to VG.
  • The Government from the New Year introduces a system whereby employers must report, make the advance payment of taxes and pay social security contributions on tips employees receives from customers just as if it was part of the salary, according to Dagbladet.
  • The Government proposes more favourable tax conditions on the pension of self-employed persons. The proposal will reduce the revenue of the Norwegian state by NOK 65 million, reports Dagens Næringsliv.
  • The Government is not going to touch the percentage on the wealth tax but will increase the deductible amount somewhat. The valuation of shares and assets is slashed from 80 to 75 per cent, according to Dagens Næringsliv. In total, the proposal will reduce the revenue by NOK 690 million.

Foreign Aid

  • The Government proposes to allocate NOK 37.8 billion to foreign aid in 2019. This corresponds to 1 per cent of GNI (Gross National Income) and is an increase of NOK 2.5 billion or 7.1 per cent from 2018.
  • The pot for efforts against marine littering in the aid budget is increased by NOK 250 million.

Transport and Communications

  • The Government will increase its commitment to public transport, pedestrian and cycle paths by 45 per cent, reports Aftenposten. This means that the pot for this will be NOK 3.7 billion in 2019. In addition, NOK 391 million is set aside for the construction of the Fornebu metro line.
  • The Government has earmarked NOK 27 billion for various railroad projects. That is 12 per cent more than in the current state budget. InterCity Vestfold, planning of InterCity Østfold and an additional Oslo Fjord tunnel are among projects that receive increased funding.
  • It is proposed that allocate NOK 1.9 billion on securing against landslides and avalanches on National and county roads, according to Trønder-Avisa.
  • The Government increases grants for maintenance of national roads by NOK 400 million, reports NRK. Most of which will be spent on tunnels.
  • The Government also sets aside NOK 25 million for reinforcement of bridges on county roads. The purpose is to reduce transport costs for loggers, reports Nationen.

Health and care

  • The Government proposes that there be a municipal psychologist in all Norwegian municipalities and allocates NOK 50 million towards this, according to VG.
  • The Government allocates 48 million to the elderly reform, increased from NOK 12.5 million in the revised state budget for 2018, states the Progress Party.
  • The Government adds NOK 40 million to the secure the progress of the health assessment platform, which will make health data more accessible, writes the health publication Dagens Medisin.
  • Youngsters who have reached the age of 18 shall not pay anything at psychiatric clinics for children and adolescents and to psychiatric youth teams. It is not calculated any exact cost for this, which factually is an adaptation to current practice in many places.
  • The Government will spend NOK 4 million on «establishing a national elderly, patient and user ombudsman», reports VG. The Ombud shall consist of two man-years, as well as five man-years for the strengthening of existing, local, ombudsmen related to the elderly.

Research and education

  • The Government will provide NOK 50 million more to the so-called teacher specialists, writes Dagbladet. The money will go to hire more specialists and to further increase their wage supplement.
  • The Government proposes spending NOK 481 million more on three priority areas in research (technology, renewal and conversion in business and quality in higher education), writes Dagens Næringsliv. The national arena for quality in higher education is strengthened by NOK 25 million. Schools that can document «outstanding quality and innovative practice» can apply for funds.
  • The Government grants 17 million more in the state budget for 2019 compared to the current budget in the fight against mobbing and bullying. The added funds will provide for faster handling of bullying cases.
  • The Government will spend NOK 7.1 million for the establishment of a folk high school on Svalbard.
  • Technical-industrial research foundations, such as Sintef, will receive NOK 40 million more, according to Adresseavisen.
  • Grants for so-called potential technologies are increased by NOK 65 million, reports Stavanger Aftenblad.


  • The Government doubles funding for so-called combination classes, where immigrant youth can attend both primary and secondary school at the same time. It is set aside 70 million towards this.
  • Norway Ltd will spend 16 million on further education of teachers in adult education for immigrants, writes Dagbladet.
  • It is proposed 9 million to strengthen the quality and standardise the content of the municipalities’ introductory program.

Defence and Security

  • The Government allocates NOK 535 million extra to the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces and the Police, writes Aftenposten.
  • It is set aside 9 million for the protection of offices and barracks associated with the relocation of the Air Force Education Center (LSS) from Kjevik to Værnes, writes Adresseavisen.
  • The Government allocates 295 million extra to the Navy. This means that the total budget is about NOK 4.4 billion in 2019, writes Nettavisen.

Climate and environment

  • The Government adds 400 million to the work of clearing the oceans of plastic waste.
  • Erna Solberg & Company will spend just over NOK 1.1 billion on renewable energy in developing countries in 2019. It is proposed to increase the funding by NOK 430 million, reports NRK.
  • The Government will allocate more than NOK 3 billion to Enova. That is NOK 344 million more than in the current budget.
  • Measures for the preservation of wild salmon will receive around NOK 33 million. The money will include a gene bank and a national wild salmon centre.

The Police and the judiciary

  • The Government is continuing this year’s extra grant of 30 million to get rid of the gang problem in Oslo south, writes VG. In addition, 40 million are placed in a pot for anti-corruption, split by 16 million to the Oslo police, 8 million to Kripos and Økokrim and 16 million to the conflict counsel.


  • The Government increases the investment for film purposes by NOK 50 million. The biggest increase is to strengthen the framework for the subsidy schemes under the auspices of the Film Fund by NOK 30.9 million. 5.1 million of this is earmarked an international commitment to computer games.
  • The Government will spend NOK 175 million on building the disputed art silo in Kristiansand, reports NRK.
  • It will be granted NOK 2.5 million for the operation of the Vikersund Skijumping Centre.
  • The Government allocates NOK 19 million to an information centre near the ruins of the Klemens Church in Trondheim.

Children and family

  • The Government sets aside a total of NOK 181 million for measures to combat child poverty, writes VG. For low-income families, 46 million are spent on free core time in kindergartens for two-year-olds, 60 million will strengthen the housing support scheme, about 40 million go to area improvements, 20 million for pilot project for participation in recreational activities and 5 million for holiday actions under the auspices of the Red Cross and the Norwegian Tourist Association.
  • The Government will increase the Consumer Inspectorate’s budget with 6 million earmarked to supervision and follow-up of the labelling of advertisements at bloggers and influencers, writes the fashion magazine no.

Oil and energy

  • The Government proposes to allocate 50 million to mapping a large seabed structure that crosses the sea border to Russia.

Work and welfare

  • NOK 22.5 million is proposed to create 200 adapted jobs for mentally disabled persons, writes the newspaper Dagen.

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