Fare signs removed at toll stations in Oslo

road toll stationsToll stations in and around urban centres will no longer warn motorists about the levy. 52 more toll stations are active in Oslo as of June 1st. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

The signs with prices are to be removed at the toll stations in Oslo when the new toll system is introduced on the 1st of June.

‘’All the signs are covered and removed continuously’’ said project manager Anne-Grethe Nordahl of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

On June 1, several toll stations and a modified tariff system for motorists in Oslo and Akershus will be introduced.

The new toll system involves new prices, a changed discount system and payment for electric cars. There will now be differentiated prices for rush hour, fuel type and engine type.

The reason why the signs are removed is that after the introduction there will be so many different price categories that it will no longer be appropriate to inform about all the options on signs at the toll stations. It would have gone beyond traffic safety if the motorists
were to easily elicit the cost of their passage through the toll stations
according to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

In the existing toll ring in Oslo, payment will now be made in both directions. This also applies to the new toll stations in the Inner Ring. However, the prices in each direction are about half of what
motorists pay for one pass today.

‘’Some car trips are more expensive, while other trips are cheaper. Together with the hourly rate and increased discounts for light vehicles, this means that a good deal of people will pay less than today’’ said Secretariat Manager, Terje Rognlien for Oslopakke 3.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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