Farmers actions upsets the Conservatives

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Farmers actions upsets the Conservatives

Høyres Ingunn Foss asks Sp leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum to clarify if he supports the farmers’ use of blockades as an action form. Today there is a rally in Oslo. The farmers actions upsets Foss.


– Does Vedum see it’s as okay that farmers’ organizations resort to blockades which affect third parties? Asks Foss.

As Conservative agriculture spokesperson she gets the agricultural settlement in heir lap when industry committee later Tuesday begins its consideration of this matter. The use of pitchforks and activists masquerading as the Minister of Agriculture in the pillory upsets.

– I do not think it’s okay. Nor that the Center Party Geir Pollestad in an interview with Nationen encourage farmers to find their pitchforks, says Foss.

Later today the farmers’ organizations invite to a petition and huge rally in Oslo.

Full of themselves

Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum says he will not sit in judgment of farmers organizations’ use of blockades.

– The agriculture itself will be able to assess the types of action it wishes to make use of. Geir talked about pitchforks were meant as a picture of that farmers now must tell, and no Minister or the Conservatives should view it literally, says Vedum to NTB.

He believes the farmers actions in Norway “generally are quite hot”.
– People with power, like a government minister, do not hesitate to take themselves so solemnly. I have seen many strange images of myself as well, to put it that way, he continued.

Keeps the door ajar

Foss maintains that farmers are in a unique position as a profession by giving them negotiate with the Government on budget support for the coming year.

– The farmers’ organizations are in full right to break the negotiations. Then it is the state’s offer that forms the basis of the Parliaments’s treatment, she says.

Unlike the Center Party, she does not want to conclude that farmers should get more money through the parliamentary treatment. But she does not rule out anything.

– We do not close the door on anyone and will nto take the outcome in Parliament in advance. First, we will talk to KrF and The Liberals, she says.

To much

Foss believes Vedum must clarify whether it is reasonable for farmers to have three times as high income development as other groups. She points out that the demand from the farmers’ organizations increased to 9 per cent growth in revenue.

– It is a completely wrong use of numbers, says Vedum and points out that farmers’ organizations will measure income in money and not percentages, and that Parliament itself has stated that the income gap with other groups will be reduced.

The Sp leader believes the requirement of “a few hundred million” in increased budget support is more than reasonable.

– This is basically whether we should have agriculture in the country or not, he says.


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