Farmers protesting for more money

Farmers protestingOslo.Farmers protesting... Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Farmers protesting for more money

With protesters in Oslo’s streets, farmers’ associations demonstrate Tuesday’s dissatisfaction with the offer from the state in the failed agricultural negotiations.


The demonstration process goes from Farmers House on Grønland to Eidsvoll’s plass in front of the Parliament, where appeals will be held.

The Norwegian Federation of Farmers (Norges Bondelag) and the Norwegian Farmers and Small Farmers’ Federation (Norsk Bonde- og småbrukarlag) last week broke of the negotiations with the state about the agricultural agreement. The difference between expectations and what has been offered was high, around the estimated 1 billion kroner.

Big gap

The state’s first offer in the agricultural settlement had a framework of 410 million NOK. The last offer before the breach was 550 million NOK, while the farmers’ initial claim was 1.45 billion NOK.

 Among the protesters, there are a number of distinguished chefs, which among them there is chef Jørn Lie from the Old Town Hall restaurant.

 “I cannot run a restaurant without the farmers and you cannot feed yourself without them” he says.

 The demonstrations take place on the same day as the Food and Food Committee of the Parliament begins the processing of the agricultural settlement. It is the state’s original offer that is now underway.



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