Fastest rising unemployment for the over 60

NAV South Western NorwayNAV,logo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Unemployment is growing most rapidly amongst those over 60. In April 5565 people over 60 registered as unemployed with  Nav.

That’s an increase of 20 percent compared with the same period last year. The unemployment increase is the highest amongst all the age groups, writes the newspaper Klassekampen.
Pension reforms makes it possible for many to take a retirement pension at age 62, regardless of how many hours they are working. The reform will also have another consequence for younger pensioners; It is possible to receive both unemployment benefits and retirement pension simultaneously.
In line with the increasing unemployment amongst older people, there will become more who are both unemployed and receive a pension from the state. Whereas in January 2015  1654 people were in such a situation, the number has increased by over 50 percent to 2,410 in April this year, according to figures from  Nav.
Previously, unemployed over 64 years secured unemployment benefits until retirement. In 2011 the rule was changed so that the elderly now have the same maximum time as others ; two years to acquire a new job before the benefits will disappear.
Whilst 54 percent of the unemployed are in new jobs within six months, only 29 percent of the unemployed over 60 manage the same.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today