Fears problems in the oil industry

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This could have major consequences for the oil industry if the government does not get an agreement for Britons who are temporarily employed in Norway, according to NHO.

The Business Organization’s main department (NHO) asks the government to introduce a transitional arrangement for Britons who are temporarily employed in Norway, in case the UK leaves the EU without an agreement on 31 October, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

“This can create operational disruptions for oil suppliers,” says Nina Melsom, director of labor, NHO, to the newspaper.

Melsom says many companies use both UK temporary operators and engineers. NHO estimates that hundreds of British people are temporarily employed in Norway.

The NHO has sent a letter to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie (H) expressing their concern.

Among other things, they write that if the UK leaves the EU and the EEA without an agreement, these people will be considered third-country nationals and lose the rights they have under the EEA agreements.

They also write that contracts to the North Sea are in danger of being delayed if this does not materialize.

Expedition chief Einar Skancke in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs writes in an email to DN that they are working intensively on this issue.

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