Committee proposes a new ferry model

autonom ferry in Norwegian fjordIllustration of autonom ferry in Norwegian fjord.Photo:Rolls-Royce

The Municipal Committee proposes a new ferry model

A majority of the Municipal Committee is in favour of a commitment to ferries to next year, and the Government promises to allocate NOK 100 million to ferry counties.


The focus on ferries and boats operated by the regional authorities is reflected in the proposal for the municipalities for 2018.

– It will be facilitated for a better transport offer for people and business along the coast and investments in more environmentally friendly technology, according to committee chairman Helge André Njåstad (Progress Party).

Climate friendly

The Government concretely wishes to allocate NOK 100 million specifically towards ferry counties in next year’s framework

– We aim to continue the NOK 100 million as a separate grant in the years to come, says Njåstad.

The reason for the initiative is that the cost of boat and ferry has increased significantly, partly due to the need for a better offer and also high overall price growth within the sector. The sector also focuses on more climate-friendly operations, which requires large investments, but provides huge gains for the climate.


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