Filipino nurses in Norway are asking to contribute

Nurses on the job at Oslo University Hospital, the Norwegian Radium hospital in Oslo, Norway.Nurses on the job at Oslo University Hospital, the Norwegian Radium hospital in Oslo, Norway.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Filipino nurses in Norway want to contribute during the corona crisis. They have four years of university education from their home country, but are not allowed to work as nurses in Norway.

Nurse Judith Diego posted a message in a Facebook group for Filipino nurses in Norway urging them to help during the corona crisis, according to NRK.

“So far, over 30 people have signed up, and I think even more will sign up if they see that the Norwegian authorities want their help,” says Diego.

There are around 3,000 Filipino nurses and health professionals in Norway. Many do not have the approval they need to work in Norway.

“Most of the nurses who want to contribute are now students and au pairs,” says Diego.

Exceptions cannot be made to the regulations for health personnel who do not have authorization, says Anne Farseth, Director at the Department of Health.

However, one can work under the auxiliary provision.

“This means that they work under the guidance and supervision of another authorized health professional,” says Farseth.

She urges nurses without Norwegian approval to contact the municipalities to hear if they want help.

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  1. That is the problem herenin Norway. My wife registered nurse in the Philippines but Norway can’t honor that. she needs to go to school to be an RN here. why? Is 4 years not enough to get a knowledge about it? Imagine how many filipino nurses here in norway who can help at the hospitals at this stage.

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