Finance Minister to make expulsion of EEA citizens easier

Progress PartyMinster of Finance Siv Jensen (Progress Party leader)Press photo: @Frp

The Minister of Finance, and Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) leader, Siv Jensen, wants to lower the threshold for expulsion of EEA citizens charged with employment crime.


This is one of three concrete measures the Finance Minister has proposed to combat employment crime.
‘We will lower the threshold for expulsion of EEA citizens who are fined for labour crimes, we’ll have stricter penalties, and increased operational efforts, with more controls’ said Jensen.

Today, the Tax Directorate presented a new report on labour crime, which they had ordered from Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse.
The report said that the level of employment crime seems to have increased considerably in the period between 2004 and 2011, but it hadn’t increased further in 2012 to 2015.

The analysis also showed that in 2015, there was a loss of between NOK 12-60 billion as a result of tax avoidance.

At the same time, it was stated in the report that growth in the 2000s coincides with a strong period of labour migration.

‘The scale of relatively low-skilled workers has probably made possible more work-related crimes, as labour immigrants are easier to exploit than Norwegian workers,’ he said.

In addition to measures against EEA immigrants, Frp wishes to step up the penalty level for those who don’t have a clean criminal record. Such measures would include a more active use of measures such as closing down companies, fines, and confiscation of assets such as bank accounts, securities, and property.

They will also strengthen the centres against labour crimes, and carry out more controls.
‘The criminals should be trapped when they least expect it,’ said Jensen.


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