Fire at Statfjord A is extinguished

Statfjord AStatfjord A.Photo:

The fire on the Statfjord A platform is extinguished but is under close monitoring to control and avoid any unexpected flares, said Statoil.

The crews that have been sitting in lifeboats for several hours, are now being returned to the platform.

The fire, which was reported at 08.20 Sunday morning, is now extinguished, said Statoil in a statement.

– No more heat, smoke or flames is observed and the situation is under control. We have put out fire watch to monitor the area and the area is isolated to prevent a flare-up, said spokesman for Statoil, Ola Anders Skauby to news agency NTB.

The fire broke out in a pump from utility shaft.

There were 67 people on board when the fire started. No one was injured. 20 people were moved to the Statfjord B platform with SAR helicopter, while the remaining who had emergency tasks were stayed at the lifeboats.

– They are now about to be removed from the lifeboats again and back to their station, where they are going through a debrief, tells Skauby.

He says crews exercising regularly to go in the lifeboats but it’s rarely occurs real events that requires them to be evacuated.

He estimates that they’ve been sitting in lifeboats for few hours. Statoil’s emergency response organization both at Sandsli and Stavanger were mobilized after the incident.

The cause of the fire is not known yet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today